Thursday Trades


BBD – Added to position.
V – Swing trade. Picked up at lod.
IEF – Added to short position.

SHLD – Cleared off before expiration.
SPY – Will reenter short later.
KR – Took profit.
WLP – Cleared off before expiration.


High Probability Setups – Week of 12/13/10


  1. Trend line retracement
  2. Convergence with the 50 ema
  3. Oversold stochastics

Will look at adding to my position at the intersecting point of the TL and 50 ema.


  1. Falling wedge
  2. Holding the 20 ema with strength

Mental stop set below support levels of around 63.


Nice trending channel.  Will continue to watch this trade play out.  Looking for a break up to 60.


High Probability Setups – Week of 12/6/10

LVS has great price movement.  Good entries tend to be on support levels such as the 20ema or the 50ema.  A stop on this trade would be below the 50ema.

There is a resistance point going back from 5/10 that has been broken here.  It is  likely that there will be a continuation up if we see a break above the 50ema.  Started a position and will hold with patience.

Monday Trades

MON [Force yourself to learn something new each day]

UUP – Added to position.
LVS – Started position.
SHLD – Started position.
VIX – Added to position.
KMB – Extremely cheap premium. Good value. Good levels.

MU (ALL) – Took profit at target (200ema). [13 days]
S (ALL) – Took profit on nice move up to the (200ema). [19 days]
BUD (ALL) – Not interested in this setup anymore. Took loss. Moving on. [5 days]


High Probability Setups – Week of 11/29

High Probability Setups We Continue to Watch
SHLD – [chart]
RYL – [chart]
LLL – [chart]
PBR – [chart]
DE – [chart]

High Probability Setups We Have Entered
DO – Looking for a pop on multiple indicator setup. [chart] [trade1][trade2][trade3]
CME – Rising channel. Entered on support and cheap call premium. [chart] [trade1][trade2] [entry logic]
S – Support touched 3 times over 6 months. Entered on TL support. [chart] [trade1][trade2]
WFT – Short. Rising channel. Shorted at resistance. [chart] [trade1]