Wedge Pattern

This is an important pattern to master.  When this and accomodating indicators line up, there is a high probability chance of a breakout.  If you can find this pattern in the market when the underlying stock is a solid company then you will have a high success rate when your entries are disciplined and you exercise patience.

Here are some examples:


This is an example of a falling wedge pattern.  Typically these breakout at the halfway mark of the wedge pattern as indicated by the grey dotted price-level.


Here is another wedge pattern with a breakout from the 200 ema.


The two previous charts show how the wedge pattern plays out.  Sprint was an entry I made on Monday and will be in my portfolio until the pattern plays out to completion.  Will track Sprint as it breaks out.

High Probability Setups – Week of 11/29

High Probability Setups We Continue to Watch
SHLD – [chart]
RYL – [chart]
LLL – [chart]
PBR – [chart]
DE – [chart]

High Probability Setups We Have Entered
DO – Looking for a pop on multiple indicator setup. [chart] [trade1][trade2][trade3]
CME – Rising channel. Entered on support and cheap call premium. [chart] [trade1][trade2] [entry logic]
S – Support touched 3 times over 6 months. Entered on TL support. [chart] [trade1][trade2]
WFT – Short. Rising channel. Shorted at resistance. [chart] [trade1]