Friday Trades

FRI [Let profits run. This is a business.  Make capital work for you.]

VIX – Added to position.
UUP – Added to position on strong technical levels (20ema & 50ema support).
FRO – Started position.

OI – Took profit. [18 days]
APOL – Took profit on swing trade. [1 day]


Thursday Trades

THURS 12/2/10 [Review tickers previously traded to get an idea of what you trade well and what you trade poorly]

CME (ALL) – Took profit. [16 days]
DE (ALL) – Took profit. [1 day]
MU (1/2) – Took profit.

VIX – Started position as hedge.
SPY – Started short position as hedge.
APOL – Started position on intraday strength and solid technical levels. Swing trade.
STX – Added to position on huge volume.  News after the close: Seagate Technology Strength attributed to chatter WDC made an approach to STX but was rejected.

Closing Imbalances: Mixed