Tuesday Trades

Friday’s Strategy

Will look for an entry in DB around the 50 ema and will probably hold for about a week.

There will likely be a continuation move up in FRX so I will look for an entry in the morning and hold until next week.

OC entry would be a continuation move trade similar to FRX.  This is a second entry candidate since it has broken out of it’s previous channel pattern.

PRGO had a strong move up today and the stochastics are just now starting to turn up.  I will keep a close eye on it in the morning but I am not extremely eager to chase this one down.

FMX is at a good price level but it doesn’t look like a good entry can be made this week.

INTC showed weakness today but the price level is holding strong to the 200 ema.  Should get out of JANs and add FEBs if Intel doesn’t breakdown below the 200 ema.

Watching: LVS, NRG, CME

Thursday Trades


SPY – Added to short.
VIX – Added to long.
STT – Started position. Swing trade.  Interesting candlestick shadow touching the 200ema.
ARG – Started small position on news.
09 Dec 2010 11:31   [ARG] Hearing Citigroup speculating ARG Board will accept the revised offer (timing uncertain)
09 Dec 2010 11:26   [ARG] Board to review the revised offer from APD at $70/shr
09 Dec 2010 10:18   [ARG] APD raises offer to $70 from $65.50; calls offer “best and final

KMB (ALL) – Took profit.
DB (ALL) – Took profit.
UUP (1/3) – Took profit.


Few traders in the pit today.  Less than half capacity in the last hour of the trade.  Usually the capacity reaches around 75% into the close.

Wednesday Trades

WED 12/1/10 [Tighten up your watch list]

LMT(ALL) – Took profit on pop.
OI (1/2) – Took loss on pop.
IEF (ALL) – Took profit on short.

UUP – Started position on weakness.
BUD – Started position on strong technical levels.
DE – Started position on strong tech levels.
DB – Started position on support levels.