Tuesday Trades

TUES (11/16)

OI – Added to position on weakness.
CME – Started position (cheap call premium).
S – Started position (looks cheap on pullback).

HEDGED (premium plays)
IEF (1/2) – Sold premium against (1/2 ) long position. Yield in Treasurys dropped across the board today. Holding into tomorrow but I anticipate a continuation move up.
SDS – Intraday sniping.

PANL – Took loss. Too much weakness relative to overall market.
VIX – Took profit. Anticipate an overnight drop in volatility.
SDS (1/2) – Took profit. Holding other half as a hedge against new longs.
IEF (1/2) – Took profit. Weary of dropping yields today. Hedged against last half position.

Closing imbalances were to the sell side today but short covering created a rally into the close with more selling after the bell.


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