Friday Trades

During large market drops money goes to “fear” assets such as gold, USD, and oil

DBO – ratio long calendar strangle (1/5) to the long side
GLD – long strangle ( 1/1)
SDS – long. Inversely tracks the SPX. Holding until market strength returns.
UUP – when the public takes money out of the market they put it into what they consider safer assets such as cash
VIX – I anticipate the VIX (fear index that calculates volatility in the market) will continue to go up into next week
CME – I found a good bargain on one of my favorite stocks during the dip so I added to the position
ROVI – This is a stock I have been watching for a good entry for a long time and today it hit my buy level
FRX – This is another stock I have been waiting to enter

TUP – held very poor strength breaking below support levels so I decided to take the loss and move on
CME – Took profit on CME PUT protection I put on recently


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