Friday Trades

AAPL – MAR-11 355 CALLS @ 4.98 (average)

AAPL (1/4): +0.30 (scalp)
/GC: +6.30
/ES: -0.50


2 Responses to Friday Trades

  1. I%2Bhave%2Bhad%2Bsome%2Bexperience%2Bwith%2Btrading%2Bstocks%2Bbut%2Bnever%2Bonline.%2BI%2Bhave%2Bright%2Bnow%2Babout%2B%25243500%2Bto%2Bwork%2Bwith%2Band%2Bpredict%2BI%2Bwill%2Bdo%2Babout%2B3%2Btrades%2Ba%2Bweek.%2BFrom%2Byour%2Bexperience%2Bwhich%2Bonline%2Btrading%2Bcompany%2Bwould%2Bwork%2Bwell%2Bfor%2Bme%253F

    • W. Zevon says:

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